Thinking slow and slower

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Welcome to my personal blog! The purpose of this blog is to record my thoughts on politics, economics, statistics, and more in a public shareable setting. My hope is that by writing at more depth and receiving feedback/criticsm, I’ll be forced to learn more and develop my ideas further. Additionally, a lot of my posts will likely be content that is derived from other places (Twitter posts, news articles, research papers etc) or will eventually end up in one of those.

The name of this blog is Thinking slow and slower, a play on the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman and Tversky that popularized many of their Nobel Prize winning ideas in behavioral economics. I think the name is emblematic of one of my primary goals in this space - to deliberate on the things I care about in the hope that some of these ideas are valuable enough to turn into things that I think about even slower later on.