I’m an economist and journalist with a focus on technology, finance and macroeconomics. I cover the global economy for The Economist in London. My recent features examine the US-China tech race, the restructuring of venture capital and how economics research changed during the Covid era. Previously I’ve spent time on various trading desks at Citadel.

I graduated with honors from Stanford where I studied economics and computer science and was a Kennedy Prize winner for best undergraduate thesis. I continue to do academic work with Nick Bloom at Stanford. My most recent paper shows how working-from-home has led to a “donut effect” in America’s largest cities and has been covered by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist among other outlets.

I love traveling the world, meeting new people and finding out what drives them. If you’d like to chat or have a story idea please reach out at arjunramani ‘at’ economist ‘dot’ com.